How to Sell Your House Using Feng Shui Tip #2

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Feng Shui is about energy - it is a philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. The more open and harmonized your home is with the environment, the more balanced energy you will have in your life. Feng Shui translates to “wind-water” in English. The goal of Feng Shui is to create the feeling of a balmy breeze, with movement inside and outside of the home. We do not want a tornado, or no movement/wind called Sha Chi. Sha Chi is caused from too much Stuff, or energy that is stuck from items being in the same place year after year. The water element in Feng Shui attracts movement and flow. We do not want a flood or a tsunami; we want a trickling, babbling stream. Too much water will create a leak or overflow of water. The water element in Feng Shui brings balanced movement, and also relates to emotions. Whenever there is a water leak in a home, there is often an emotional leak or feeling of overwhelm, within the occupants of the home. Water leaks in a home are never good.

Fresh Plants - Green Plants.

Investing in some landscaping will increase the value of your property, and increase the Chi, or energy. When I was teaching my youngest son Noah about energy, when he was perhaps six years old, we would take a walk in the neighborhood and read the houses. He was so young to know this method of measuring energy with houses. He would say this one is dead or has no aliveness and I would then have him explain his observation to me. “The curtains are drawn”, “There are no fresh flowers”. “The bushes are ugly or dead”.


In Feng Shui, the rule of thumb with plants is fresh is the best for the greatest amount of Chi, or energy. Silk is the second best for beauty. And dried flowers are dead and have no vitality. It is especially important to have lush plants near the entry way of the home, and a vase filled with cut flowers in the entryway of the home. The flowers bring vitality, and when coupled with good lighting, and artwork, the home is literally inviting you inside and asking you to stay a while.