How to Sell Your House Using Feng Shui Tip #1

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Feng Shui is about energy - it is a philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. The more open and harmonized your home is with the environment, the more balanced energy you will have in your life. Feng Shui translates to “wind-water” in English. The goal of Feng Shui is to create the feeling of a balmy breeze, with movement inside and outside of the home. We do not want a tornado, or no movement/wind called Sha Chi. Sha Chi is caused from too much Stuff, or energy that is stuck from items being in the same place year after year. The water element in Feng Shui attracts movement and flow. We do not want a flood or a tsunami; we want a trickling, babbling stream. Too much water will create a leak or overflow of water. The water element in Feng Shui brings balanced movement, and also relates to emotions. Whenever there is a water leak in a home, there is often an emotional leak or feeling of overwhelm, within the occupants of the home. Water leaks in a home are never good.

Selling Your Home

When a home is ready to go on the market to be sold, there are a few sage suggestions to harmonize the home and increase the attraction force, so that the house has many people being drawn to the energy of the house. Knowing how to sell your house with Feng Shui will save you time, money and energy/effort. Feng Shui is basically staging in a different way, mainly using the objects already within the home and perhaps enhancing with a few additional items. Furniture and artwork are moved, to create openness, intimacy and harmony.



Go Outside. Observe your home or condo from a distance. Then walk up to the home, as is if you are a visitor. Notice EVERYTHING, and write down your impressions on a sheet of paper. Experience walking up to the house - be honest, use wide open eyes, recording all. You may love the leprechaun statue near your door, however, in most cases; potential buyers will not appreciate it. When you are standing on the front porch, before ringing your door bell, FEEL your door, and the entry way. The front door is the biggest mouth/opening of chi or energy of the entire house. Is the paint fresh? Is there an inviting wreath on the door? Do you hear the peaceful sound of a water fountain, or the tinkling of wind chimes, creating the feeling of wind/water, i.e. harmonious movement? Selling your house is about tapping into the emotions of the potential buyers. What makes Your House different, and more inviting? It is worth extra money and effort to create a main entrance that is fresh and inviting.