Feng Shui and Real Estate

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Feng Shui and Real Estate

By Cynde Meyer


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that works with the flow of energy/chi through a home. The interior and the exterior energy flows of the home are analyzed. Using Feng Shui when purchasing a home has only been popular in the United States for approximately 30 years, and embraced more initially, on the east and west coasts. Feng Shui is the new staging for sellers who know the power of energizing a home, and attracting a buyer.

Many people know about the “moving things around” aspect of Feng Shui, but do not really understand the logic behind moving things around. Rearranging furniture and creating conversation areas in rooms creates an immediate energy shift. Lighting that invites a person to sit in a chair and read a book, creates coziness. Having an open flow in getting to and from the furniture creates ease. A room with oversized furniture and very little open space, creates a feeling of the room being cramped. The buyer cannot imagine their furniture in the space. Arranging a sofa or love seat that faces the entryway to the room, makes the buyer feel welcome. Having the back of a sofa greet you when you enter the room automatically stops you.

The entryway to a home is the welcoming card. Do you feel invited into the house? The front door is the largest opening of energy in a home. Creating a powerful entrance can be achieved by painting the front doors a color that contrasts with the color of the exterior. This makes the door stand out. Wind chimes stimulate the ears. A new wreath or door ornament appropriate to the season, and a new welcome mat stimulate the buyer to come into the house.

Feng Shui is much more than rearranging furniture. “Less is more”, and “Love It, Use It, or Lose It” are two wonderful teachings of Feng Shui. Let the stuff go, and see what happens in your life!


Cynde Meyer is a Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker Gundaker, in St. Louis, MO. She is a Feng Shui Advisor, Space Clearer/Dowser, and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Cynde is also a life coach and works with clients throughout the USA and Canada. She offers remote Feng Shui and Real Estate consultations, by Skype or phone, and often works as a referring real estate agent.  www.cyndemeyer.net www.cyndemeyer.com  You can reach Cynde by email:  cynde.meyer@cbgundaker.com cynde@cyndemeyer.com or via the real estate office: 314-993-8000.